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Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) is a government-owned company responsible for the generation of nuclear power in India. It was established in 1987 under the Companies Act, 1956, and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

NPCIL's primary mandate is to operate nuclear power plants and contribute to the development of nuclear energy in India. It functions under the administrative control of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), which is responsible for the country's nuclear energy program.

The corporation is involved in various activities related to the nuclear power sector, including the design, construction, commissioning, and operation of nuclear power plants. NPCIL operates a fleet of nuclear power plants across different locations in India and has a significant contribution to the country's electricity generation.

NPCIL has been instrumental in establishing several nuclear power projects in India, including the Tarapur Atomic Power Station, Rajasthan Atomic Power Station, Kaiga Generating Station, Kakrapar Atomic Power Station, and many more. These power plants utilize different types of reactors, such as Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs) and Light Water Reactors (LWRs), to generate electricity.

NPCIL also engages in activities related to nuclear fuel fabrication, research and development, and nuclear waste management. It collaborates with domestic and international organizations to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy and shares expertise in nuclear power technology.

NPCIL plays a crucial role in meeting India's growing energy demands, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. It adheres to stringent safety and regulatory standards to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants and the protection of the environment and public health.

Vacancy Details:-

NPCIL periodically announces job vacancies across various positions to meet its operational requirements. The following are the vacancy details you provided:

1. Fitter - 30 vacancies: A fitter is responsible for assembling, installing, and repairing mechanical components and systems. They work with tools and equipment to ensure proper fitting and functionality of machinery.

2. Turner - 04 vacancies: A turner specializes in operating and maintaining lathes and other turning machines. They are skilled in shaping and machining metal or other materials to create precise components.

3. Machinist - 04 vacancies: A machinist is proficient in operating machine tools to fabricate or modify parts. They use various techniques, such as milling, drilling, and grinding, to produce high-precision components.

4. Electrician - 30 vacancies: An electrician is responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems. They work with electrical wiring, fixtures, and equipment to ensure safe and efficient electrical supply.

5. Electronic Mechanic - 30 vacancies: An electronic mechanic specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electronic equipment and systems. They troubleshoot and diagnose issues in electronic circuits and components.

6. Welder - 04 vacancies: A welder is skilled in joining metal parts using welding techniques, such as arc welding or gas welding. They work with precision to create strong and secure welds.

7. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA) - 05 vacancies: A COPA is responsible for operating and maintaining computer systems. They handle tasks related to computer programming, software installation, and troubleshooting.


For the job vacancies mentioned in NPCIL, the educational requirement specified is an ITI Pass Certificate in the respective trade. ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute, which offers vocational training programs in various trades.

To be eligible for the positions mentioned (Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Electrician, Electronic Mechanic, Welder, and COPA), job seekers should have completed their education with an ITI Pass Certificate in the relevant trade. This means that candidates must have successfully completed the required training program and obtained a certificate from a recognized ITI institute.

The specific trade mentioned in the education requirement varies depending on the position. For example, if applying for the Fitter position, the candidate should have an ITI Pass Certificate in the Fitter trade. Similarly, candidates applying for the Turner position should have completed the Turner trade program, and so on.

 ITI Pass Certificate demonstrates that the candidates have acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in their respective trades. It serves as evidence of their competence and qualification to perform the tasks and responsibilities associated with the specific positions.

Age Limits:-

The given description mentions an age restriction for individuals interested in applying for certain positions. The age range specified is "between 14 to 24 years."

This means that only individuals who are at least 14 years old and not older than 24 years are eligible to apply for the mentioned positions. Any candidate outside this age range would not be considered for the roles or opportunities in question.


The given description pertains to the salary and pay band offered by the recruiting organization for candidates who have completed either a one-year or a two-year ITI (Industrial Training Institute) course.

**Salary Details:**

1. For candidates who have completed a 1-year ITI course, the offered salary is Rs. 7700/-.

2. For candidates who have completed a 2-year ITI course, the offered salary is Rs. 8855/-.

It appears that the salary is differentiated based on the duration of the ITI course completed by the candidates. Those who have completed a two-year ITI course are offered a higher salary compared to those who have completed a one-year course.

The pay band represents the salary scale within which the offered salaries fall. The specific details of the pay band are not mentioned in the provided description. Pay bands are used to categorize salary levels for different job positions, and they may vary based on the organization's policies, job role, and experience level of the candidates.

Candidates interested in applying for these positions should seek further details from the recruiting organization to have a comprehensive understanding of the compensation package.

Last Date:-

 These dates are relevant for individuals who wish to apply for a certain opportunity or recruitment. The details are as follows:

**Starting Date of Online Registration of Application Form: 12-07-2023**

On this date, the online registration process for the application form will commence. Candidates who are interested in applying for the opportunity should visit the designated website or portal and start the application process from this date onwards.

**Online Registration of Application Form Ends On: 11-08-2023**

This is the last date for submitting the online application form. Candidates must complete the application process, including filling in all the necessary details, uploading required documents, and making any applicable payments, before this deadline. Any applications submitted after this date might not be considered by the recruiting authority.

Missing the application window can result in disqualification from the selection process, so it is advisable to complete the registration process well before the closing date.

official website:-

The official website www.npcilcareers.co.in belongs to the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), which is the sole organization responsible for nuclear power projects in India. Here's a description of the website:

**Website Purpose:**

www.npcilcareers.co.in serves as the official platform for NPCIL's recruitment and career-related activities. The primary purpose of the website is to facilitate the hiring process for various positions within the organization, such as engineers, scientists, technicians, administrative staff, and other roles.

**Recruitment Information:**

The website provides comprehensive and up-to-date information about ongoing and upcoming job opportunities within NPCIL. It lists the available vacancies, job descriptions, eligibility criteria, pay scales, and other relevant details to help potential candidates understand the requirements and responsibilities of each position.

**Online Application:**

Aspiring candidates can access the online application portal through the website to apply for the advertised positions. The portal allows applicants to fill in their details, upload necessary documents, and submit their applications electronically, streamlining the application process and making it convenient for applicants.

**Important Dates and Notifications:**

The website is likely to feature announcements and notifications about the start and end dates of the application window, written examinations, interview schedules, and other crucial dates related to the recruitment process. This ensures that candidates stay updated and do not miss any critical deadlines.

**User-Friendly Interface:**

The website is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for candidates to navigate and find the information they need. It likely includes clear sections or tabs to access different aspects of the recruitment process, career opportunities, and contact information for any queries or assistance.

**Contact and Support:**

The website may provide contact details or a dedicated support system for candidates to seek clarification or assistance regarding the application process or any other recruitment-related queries.

**Data Security and Privacy:**

Considering the sensitive nature of personal information submitted during the application process, the website is expected to prioritize data security and maintain the privacy of applicants' details.

Click Here For NPCIL Job Notification Link.

Click Here To Apply


Q: How can I apply for job vacancies in NPCIL?

A: To apply for job vacancies in NPCIL, you can visit the official website of NPCIL or check for job notifications in leading newspapers or job portals. The detailed application process, including the submission of online or offline applications, will be specified in the job advertisement. Make sure to carefully read the eligibility criteria and follow the instructions provided to complete the application process.

Q: What is the age limit for applying to NPCIL vacancies?

A: The age limit for applying to NPCIL vacancies may vary depending on the specific position and recruitment notification. NPCIL usually specifies the minimum and maximum age limits for each job category in their job advertisements. Candidates must ensure they meet the age criteria specified for the particular vacancy they are interested in.

Q: Are there any relaxations in the age limit for reserved category candidates?

A: Yes, NPCIL provides age relaxations for candidates belonging to specific reserved categories as per the government guidelines. The details of age relaxations, if applicable, will be mentioned in the job advertisement. Reserved category candidates are advised to check the specific relaxations provided for their category while applying for NPCIL vacancies.

Q: What documents are required during the application process?

A: The specific documents required during the application process may vary, but typically, candidates are required to submit their educational certificates, ITI Pass Certificate in the respective trade, proof of age (birth certificate or government-issued identification), caste/category certificate (if applicable), and any other relevant certificates as specified in the job advertisement. It is recommended to carefully read the application instructions and gather the necessary documents beforehand.

Q: Is there any selection process for these vacancies?

A: Yes, NPCIL conducts a selection process to fill the job vacancies. The selection process generally includes stages such as written examination, skill test, trade test, and/or interview, depending on the position and recruitment rules. The exact selection procedure and its components will be specified in the job advertisement or notification.

Q: Will NPCIL provide any training for the selected candidates?

A: Yes, NPCIL provides training to the selected candidates to familiarize them with the specific job responsibilities, safety protocols, and operational procedures. The duration and nature of the training may vary depending on the position and the candidate's prior experience. During the training period, candidates are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required to perform their duties efficiently.


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